Petya Virus

So, here’s the thing, this news release of yet another cyber-attack is evidence of how malicious the creators of this type of attack are. Not just malicious but sneaky and unfortunately creative. This leaves the IT security sector reacting to these threats. There is a...

High Availability Explained: Optimize Your Business Network (Video)

Ask a business or technology leader how much downtime their company can tolerate, and they’ll answer none almost every single time, but what does none actually mean? More importantly, how much will none cost. In this video, we will talk about high availability from a business perspective, and provide a foundation for the development of an effective, ongoing strategy for your business.

What is Virtualization? (Video)

With virtualization, it takes minutes to get things back up and running. A virtualized environment can be an IT administrator’s best insurance policy. Wasting time, energy, and losing data are the same as wasting money. Virtualizing servers and desktops is the next logical step for any organization looking to minimize IT-related costs and risk. Whether it’s a 12-person office, education computer lab, healthcare provider, distribution facility, or a global enterprise, any organization should be interested in going green with virtualization to keep more green in their pocket.

Disaster Recovery Explained in 90 Seconds(ish) (Video)

Because your organization’s IT infrastructure is critical to business continuity, in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, you most likely already have a secure and well-designed disaster recovery site. It’s fair to say that, in the event of a disaster, you need fast and secure access to your disaster recovery site. You can manage your DR site’s routers, switches, firewalls, and UNIX servers remotely through the network. But what happens if the network is down? Then you need an out-of-band solution. An out-of-band solution ensures you can still get access regardless of the devices’ or the networks’ conditions, enabling remote diagnostics and problem fixing.

Just Start

We must own where we are, the current state of affairs, the current situation, the current snapshot of your life…until now everything you’ve done has lead you here. Some folks don’t want to hear this, as it runs counter to the broken record that plays in our head… ”It’s (fill in the blank) fault… childhood, parents, friends, spouse”… this list continues. And although all those do indeed play a part in who we are, they don’t define us. We are free to choose how (and how much) to allow all of those factors to affect us.