We frequently get asked questions about what it is we do… exactly. In an effort to better explain some of the things we do, we found this video we thought we’d share and included a transcription for ease of use. We hope you enjoy this video on disaster recovery and if you’re looking for a computer repair service in Columbia, TN, please give us a call!

Disaster Recovery Explained in 90 Seconds(ish)

— Begin Transcription —

Because your organization’s IT infrastructure is critical to business continuity, in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, you most likely already have a secure and well-designed disaster recovery site. It’s fair to say that, in the event of a disaster, you need fast and secure access to your disaster recovery site. You can manage your DR site’s routers, switches, firewalls, and UNIX servers remotely through the network. But what happens if the network is down? Then you need an out-of-band solution. An out-of-band solution ensures you can still get access regardless of the devices’ or the networks’ conditions, enabling remote diagnostics and problem fixing.

Ensuring access to your disaster recovery site via an over IP connection is vital but you should also have a secondary dial-up connection available. It’s important to note that remote access and control is as vital for your regular data center as it is for your disaster recovery site. For a consolidated view of all your remote access technology, such as service processors and KVM over IP, best practice recommends a single-sourced software tool to give you this view.

The benefits to you of such a solution are security, traffic encrypted so you are compliant and secure, guaranteed access when your network is down or your device is hung up, a sound investment, better utilization of manpower and increased uptime, a real justifiable ROI. It’s proven. Out-of-band remote access to your disaster recovery site is your insurance policy against costly downtime and for business-critical continuity. Let our experience make your experience of doing business better.

— End Transcription —

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