So a few things I wanted to express. Nothing too Earth shattering, perhaps a refresh or reminder, your mileage may vary. I’ll start with a quick awareness or reminder.

We must own where we are, the current state of affairs, the current situation, the current snapshot of your life…until now everything you’ve done has lead you here. Some folks don’t want to hear this, as it runs counter to the broken record that plays in our head… ”It’s (fill in the blank) fault… childhood, parents, friends, spouse”… this list continues. And although all those do indeed play a part in who we are, they don’t define us. We are free to choose how (and how much) to allow all of those factors to affect us.

Now this brings me to a philosophy that is difficult for people to believe, however, I’ve proven it to myself, I’ve seen it happen in other people as well, so for me I know it’s true. And that is that we listen and give our attention to our loudest inner voice, unfortunately, this noise IS influenced by all that bombards us every day… tactically this voice tells us to “pay the bills” – “live a life without risk” – “follow, don’t lead or rock the boat”. Strategically this same voice tells us we are not worthy of our dreams – See, almost all our inner voice noises are rules, rules made up to not rock the boat…rules to follow, keep up with the Joneses… how you are supposed to live. However, we also have a very small, very quiet voice… the one that dreams, it is if you will… the voice of a child. To a child ANYTHING is possible. Magic exists to kids, simply because the world hasn’t yet told them it doesn’t. And for us, adults magic can happen when we listen to our quiet inner voice and allow ourselves to dream, not just little dreams, but big scary dreams. Unfortunately, adulthood, reality, responsibility, heartbreak, loss and the ebb and flow of life has rendered us deaf to our own inner voice…The folks I admire most, those precious few who live a well-lived life, have fulfilled many dreams… No, not all of them, but more than most, simply because they allowed themselves to work towards their dreams. They listened to the quietest part of themselves, allowed themselves to be open to possibilities and opportunities.

When you dream big, it can be fuzzy, not clear…and we sometimes don’t take any action towards that dream because it’s not clear. We don’t know EXACTLY what to do, so we settle for nothing. Or we fill our dream with so many hurdles that it becomes absolutely unattainable… ”It would take too much $$$ to start” – “I’m not good enough” – “Who am I to deserve this?” – “Who has time for this stuff?”…This is all the loud voice drama, drowns out the quiet voice with rules and what it considers to be a reality. So to combat this, remember that most successful entrepreneurs have two key ingredients – Passion and Purpose. Armed with those two traits, they start things…usually many things, they start motion, take action…always measuring along the way so that they can change directions if and when they see they aren’t heading to the dream. They use small micro goals, usually with low risk (both time and $$$) to see what catches, like the fisherman… always adjusting till you get a bite. There is a great book “Just Start” written for budding entrepreneurs by some experts. Distilled down the lesson is just get started… Ready! Fire! Aim!

Don’t wait till everything is aligned (it may never line up right) then you may never start. Don’t fear failure, failure is a by-product of trying… so is success.