What is virtualization and what does it mean for your business? We’ve found a video that breaks down the pros of going virtual to give you a good idea of whether or not virtualization might be right for your business. Hope you enjoy this video. If you’re looking for It services or a computer repair service in Columbia, TN, please give us a call!

What is Virtualization?

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Welcome to the IOVTS tutorial. No matter the size or shape of your organization, IO’s Virtualization Technology Services Division can help you save money through server and desktop virtualization, but before we get into the benefits of virtualization, we should first break down exactly what virtualization entails.

Average data centers and network server rooms contain a large number of servers. Differing workloads, user activity, and other key factors determine which and when each server is used. For the servers that aren’t being used to their full capacity, companies must still spend money, energy and resources on maximizing their uptime, keeping them updated, and preventing them from crashing or overheating.

IO eliminates this waste by helping companies virtualize or consolidate those physical servers onto fewer, more powerful, energy-efficient servers. With solutions from VMWare, Microsoft, and IBM, a single physical server can become multiple virtual machines or VMs.

The VMs reside on the energy-efficient server, which then imitates, or pretends to be multiple servers on the network. The virtual server environment is transparent on the network. Users interact with virtual servers as if they were still multiple physical servers, only now they’re hosted from a solitary piece of hardware.

Instead of maintaining, powering and cooling a large number of servers, companies will have to maintain power and cool just a few. Desktops can be virtualized just like the servers. Having every desktop PC run individually can waste energy, time and resources to maintain, as well as increase the risk of data loss or theft.

Whether you’re a new business just setting up your computer systems, or an established business with systems already in place, IO can help virtualize your desktop systems onto energy-efficient servers in the data center.

Users are given access to their own desktop, associated resources, and applications on the servers, through IO’s energy-efficient Pro Edge Thin Clients. Data security is also enhanced in the desktop virtualization environments, as personal and sensitive data is not stored on the Thin Clients or endpoints, but is stored in the security of the data center where the servers reside.

Thin Clients give users the same abilities they’ve always had, without having to worry about PC maintenance, individual software updates, or having their hard drives crash. On top of that, they’re more efficient than PCs and consume 1/16 of the energy.

The benefits of virtualizing your servers and desktops are easy to see. Without IT virtualization, your company is wasting time and energy and is also at risk. Time is wasted by performing maintenance on a large number of machines when only a few machines are necessary. Time is also wasted by installing software updates on individual PCs when the virtualized desktops can all be updated simultaneously on the central server.

Energy is wasted by running a room full of servers when they aren’t all being used, instead of switching to fewer power-efficient servers that can carry the whole load. Individual PCs aren’t energy-efficient either. Pro Edge Thin Clients provide users the same capabilities as their PCs but at a fraction of the energy costs. Virtualization minimizes risk by enhancing security through centralized IT management with state of the art tools.

This allows server and desktop environments to be quickly and more easily updated with service packs and patches required for a more secure computing environment. Without virtualization, it can take hours, even days, to restore servers or desktops, following a system failure or a natural disaster.

With virtualization, it takes minutes to get things back up and running. A virtualized environment can be an IT administrator’s best insurance policy. Wasting time, energy, and losing data are the same as wasting money, but don’t worry, IO has the remedy.

Virtualizing servers and desktops is the next logical step for any organization looking to minimize IT-related costs and risk. Whether it’s a 12-person office, education computer lab, healthcare provider, distribution facility, or a global enterprise, any organization should be interested in going green with virtualization to keep more green in their pocket.

Begin your savings by investing in IO Virtualization Technology Services today, and start saving money tomorrow.

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