Turn Over the Headache of Managing or Enhancing your Existing Infrastructure

What are Managed IT Services?

A regular break/fix service IT contract means your IT guy depends on your IT problems to keep him in business! Therefore, how can you rely on him to ensure your network and computers are being cared for properly? Managed IT is when a reliable, credible managed services provider (MSP) takes on all or some of your IT operations. Think of us as your outsourced IT department, proactively monitoring and maintaining your technology infrastructure. Managed IT services have become quite popular, as many small-to-medium sized companies either don’t have the resources or find it cost-prohibiting to hire staff, purchase and maintain expensive equipment, keep software and systems up and running, manage security updates, and make executive decisions about complex subjects that directly affect their bottom line.


When you rely on ongoing third-party support for critical IT functions, the likelihood of business continuity increases in the event of a data breach, fire or natural disaster. With the right IT company by your side, your employees can get the help they need when they need it, you get a clear picture of your IT future, and you can rest assured knowing your IT is in capable, highly experienced hands.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

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Predictable monthly IT costs

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Operational efficiencies

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Proactive network monitoring

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Preventative network maintenance

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Regular software and security updates

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Minimal system downtime

Uncomplicate Your IT

We believe businesses should be ACCELERATED by their IT, not OVERWHELMED by it. We hear again and again from our new clients that past tech support was too hard to reach, too expensive and not delivering results. Simplify Technology makes sure those things stay a thing of the past.

What’s Included in Monthly Managed Services?

Before we can recommend which services would be best managed for you, we’ll need to know more about your internal IT capabilities, equipment, network, data backup and disaster recovery plan, security protection, Internet bandwidth, help desk support services, and business growth plans—just to name a few! Deciding to rely on a managed IT services provider to manage some or all of your IT makes perfect sense when you consider the complexities of today’s advancing IT environment. We can act as the entire IT department or assist an internal IT team.

Remote Network Management 24/7
Remotely updating software and firmware as needed, making configuration changes, and backing up configuration
Network Monitoring
Monitoring network traffic flow and device uptime 24/7
IT Asset Management
Management and monitoring of laptops, desktops, servers, and IT inventory reporting
Help Desk/Technical Support
Providing support to end users for network, systems, and line of business applications
Mobile Device Management
Mobile device security policies and data access management
Hardware and Software Inventory
Maintaining documentation of all hardware and software we manage for you
Hosted Email
Management of e-mail services (Office 365 / G-Suite / Exchange)
Virtual Servers
Server virtualization private-cloud solutions with high-availability infrastructure
Desktop Optimization and Management
Running automated tasks to continuously clean and optimize desktop performance
Print Management
Printer and scanner management and support
Software Development
Scripting, automation, and optional development depending on business need
Monthly reports on security, IT assets, network/system health, and patch management
Quarterly Technology Business Review
Collaborative business review to plan, budget, and improve/maintain optimal IT operations
Active Directory Administration
Management of Active Directory layout and user access/security
Network Policy Administration
Ensuring devices adhere to network policy and revisions as necessary
File, Folder and Share Administration
Managing secure access and availability of business data
Antivirus/Anti-Malware Protection
Perimeter (firewall) and endpoint (computer) security policy management
Network Threat Management
Monitoring for network threats, intrusion, and breaches
Email Protection
Phishing protection and e-mail filtering
Patch Management
Managing and deploying Windows security, critical, and important updates
Firewall Administration
Monitoring firewall activity and updating configuration as needed
Backup and Storage Administration
Backing up user desktop data and complete server imaging
On-Premise Backup and Storage
Backing up data to a separate device on-site
Off-Premise Backup and Storage
Backing up data to a separate device off-site for added recovery assurance
Cloud Replication
Backing up data to a remote cloud location for added recovery assurance
Disaster Recovery
Managing and deploying Windows security, critical, and important updates

Other Services


HIPAA Compliance Services

Protect sensitive healthcare information from relentless cybercriminals.

Can you confidently say your patients’ records will never join the millions already breached? Would you be able to pay a hefty fine for willful neglect of HIPAA compliance? Let us direct you through the perplexing, confusing and often overwhelming world of HIPAA with an easy-to-execute, actionable plan—from a thorough risk assessment to security training for you and your staff to written policies and procedures to support in the event of an audit, Simplify Technology’s HIPAA compliance service provides all the necessary tools you need to comply.

Breach Prevention and Cybersecurity Services

All it takes is one employee to cause a data breach.

Cybercriminals are diligent in finding new, sophisticated methods to trick unsuspecting individuals into putting themselves at risk. Can you confidently say your employees will never click on a malicious link or attachment from an unknown source? Let us help you defend your company’s sensitive data and keep it safe from relentless cybercriminals who are up to no good with our annual cybersecurity training course, weekly micro-training quizzes, employee vulnerability assessments, continuous dark web monitoring, and phishing campaigns to test your employees’ ability to spot a scam.

Beautiful mature woman talking on phone at creative office. Happy smiling businesswoman answering telephone at office desk. Casual business woman sitting at desk making telephone call and taking note.

Nextiva VoIP Phone Solutions

Make and receive calls on your computer or mobile phone with VoIP.

We all love our smartphones, but when it comes to our office phones, it can feel like we’re taking a step back into the dark ages. Business phones have come a long way. Your office phone can be just as smart as your smartphone when you make the switch to a modern business phone system that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Nextiva’s mobile app keeps you connected when you’re away from your office phone—or replaces your desk phone entirely! Access high quality calling on a reliable network with 99.99% uptime and advanced features such as video- and audio-conferencing, texting, screen-sharing capabilities and team chat.

IT Closet Organization and Cabling Services

Never underestimate the power of a server rack that is stable and organized.


Professionally installed network cabling not only gives you an efficient, space-saving structure, but also saves you money on hardware in the long run. Structured cabling in your server rack keeps each device organized and allows you to add more hardware at any time. Network cabling management prevents twists and tangles of wires, eliminating safety hazards and keeping cables in better shape so they last longer. Let us strategically install server racks and network cabling with the utmost efficiency, so your devices can be maintained and repaired easily.

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